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Our mission is to make every project a liveable translation of our clients' goals and desires, one that creates possibilities and boundary-pushing realities. We consider this our greatest thrill and remarkable responsibility.

We exist to mingle ambition with artistry for corporate events that feel personal. We craft experiences that speak to grand ambition and achievement while stirring genuine sentiment and emotion.




Travel, fearless creativity, and everyday beauty are what inspire me.  In both my personal life and career, I am always looking for ways to be innovative and unique.

With a work ethic rooted in a Midwestern upbringing and honed by many years spent in the film and television industry in California, my work is infused with a passion for making the “impossible” possible. Technical knowledge of space planning and a strong background in production management provide the platform for every successful event, but I really look to collaboration with each client when designing an experience that is a genuine reflection of their personality and vision.

Early in my career, I had the good fortune to be commissioned by Francis Ford Coppola to design murals for his Latin American properties.  Those trips clarified what would define my life’s work: being bold, infusing culture and celebration into my craft, and working intimately with laser-focused teams. 

Whether producing a one-of-a-kind celebration for a client or fashioning the “best fort ever!” with my sons, I love the challenge of pushing boundaries while creating beautiful experiences for the senses.



Inspiration to me is found in the form of the flavors, aromas, and structure of the edible and the drinkable. At the intersection of an obsession with food and wine and an appreciation of multi-dimensional design is where I have firmly rooted my career.

As a child in my native Australia, I was known by my family as the exceptionally inquisitive one, with an eye for seeing the beauty in my surroundings. This passion led to a lifelong addiction of traveling the world over, which in turn ushered in a career managing and marketing high-end restaurants and premium wine labels, as well as partnering with renowned artists including Jeff Keedy, Beth Elliott and Mel Kadel to create one-of-a-kind wine packaging. Bespoke events have also been an integral part of this work.

My natural proclivity for entertaining balances the attention to detail and organization that producing a successful event requires. To me, the best collaborations involve like minds working to bring a story to life beyond expectation.

Now based in Los Angeles, CA with my husband and two children, I continue to expand upon what influences me and weave that into creating beautiful projects that will leave an undeniable lasting impression for the senses. 




Dreams of working in a creative environment guided my early path from a small town in Northern England to the London College of Fashion, from the exciting world of high-end fashion design to the film and television industry. Being exposed to unique and inspirational designers such as Zandra Rhodes and John Paul Gaultier taught me the valuable lesson of successfully thinking outside the box while creating beautiful results.

Once in film and tv, I started at the bottom and worked my way up eventually founding and running one of the top edit facilities in the United Kingdom, The Farm Group, before manifesting an opportunity to move to Los Angeles where I established a boutique post-production house with award-winning editor Guy Harding.

Focusing on big multi-camera music events, concerts and awards shows, that endeavor led to collaborations with major artists and companies such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, U2, and Victoria’s Secret annual televised fashion show, and ignited in me a passion for the special events industry. It is in this sphere that all my collective skills and creativity shine the brightest, where the meticulous work behind the scenes becomes the vibrant, seamless reality of our clients' visions.

My strategy for keeping a fresh approach to juggling work and energetic twin sons involves making time with the family for hiking, skiing, and biking, remembering to breathe the beautiful mountain air deeply.




A graduate of FIDM with a degree in Fashion Design, the greater part of my career has been as a Designer, Branding Strategist and Director of Merchandising creating high impact licensed and private label collections for many of the nation’s top leading retailers. Fashion, along with a love of florals, travel, decor, and food, is an integral part of my life and all serve as constant sources of inspiration. As a color and pattern expert, I thoroughly enjoy applying my expertise of layering textures and blending colors to create a cohesive and refined aesthetic to all aspects of event design.

I find great satisfaction in collaborating with others when creating floral design elements that enhance private places, elevate public spaces and elicit a wide range of emotions. Much like fashion, each change of the season brings endless opportunities to craft a story, create a mood and celebrate the beauty that will touch upon all the senses. For me, this is the essence of why working with florals is so much more than just constructing a beautiful centerpiece.

When I’m not designing, creating, or curating content, I enjoy traveling to the desert with my husband and two pups, and Instagramming our adventures along the way.

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